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Lickimat Splash



The Lickimat Splash is the perfect way to distract your dog while they’re being groomed or washed. Just fill it with some sticky treats and they’ll have no idea they’re being bathed!

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The Lickimat Splash is a great addition to the range. LickiMats have been designed by vets and provide a perfect treat surface for licking and feeding.  They encourage licking action in dogs, whether for eating treats or food.

They allow you to spread out the dog food or treat on the mat surface or press the dog food or treat into the holes, encouraging your dog to lick and lick to get the food or treat as a reward.

The rubber tips of the LickiMat Splash gently scrape and stimulate your dog’s tongue whilst feeding or snacking.  This increases saliva protection, improves oral hygiene, protects teeth and gums. Most importantly, this licking action soothes your dog by releasing endorphins.

The pockets of the LickiMat challenge your dog to extract food or treat as a reward, enriching their feeding experience.  The different LickiMat licking surfaces are intended to work with different treats and foods, even if they’re frozen.

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