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alfie - kim

Alfie and Kim

"My fussy and sensitive Maltese loves this food. I thought the change from kibble to Pure would upset his tummy, but he adjusted to it from day one. Plus, super-fast delivery and excellent customer service."

oscar - pup

Oscar and Jackie

"My boy Oscar has various medical issues. It was a nightmare finding a food that didn't exacerbate his issues. Until we found Pure. It is absolutely brilliant!! He is 1000% better on this food. I would never change him from this - it has saved his life."


Reggie and Sally

"Reggie suffers from a terribly sensitive stomach with bouts of colitis. After trying practically every food on the market, we were recommended Pure by our vets. We haven't looked back since. We now have a fit healthy dog that thrives on this natural food."


Skye and Alex

"The only food my very fussy Cavapoo will eat. We have finally been able to get some weight on her too. Would highly recommend this food to anyone wanting to feed their dog a nutritious, tasty food."


Emma and Nicola

"Emma was diagnosed with pancreatitis last year. Since starting her on Pure, she has stabilized, and her levels for the pancreatitis have been normal for over 6 months. Thank you Pure for helping Emma, we are all so grateful!"

bella bliss

Bella and Bliss

"We decided we want to feed as much home-cooked & raw foods as possible. Although I was worried, would she get all the correct nutrients from a home-cooked diet?! THEN I discovered PURE. She loves it! Her coat is super soft & she is full of energy."

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