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LED Dog Collar
LED Dog Collar
LED Dog Collar
LED Dog Collar
LED Dog Collar
LED Dog Collar

LED Dog Collar


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LED Dog Collars are an important addition to the safety of your pet, especially in the darker months when visibility of your dog is important. Not just when they are off-lead so you can see where they are, but also whilst walking with them so they can be seen by car drivers and cyclists.

It’s just as important for other people to be able to see your dog as it is for you.

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Chemeyes’ LED Dog Collars come in 3 sizes, each of which is adjustable, so they are suitable for all dogs. The Collar’s lights can be set to flash fast, flash slow or be constantly on. They can, of course, be turned off so the collar is suitable for use all year round, not just in the dark.

The LED Dog Collar is powered by a lithium battery which can be simply recharged with a standard phone charger (cable supplied) so you never have to worry about the lights going out when your pooch has just got out of sight!

How to fit an LED Dog Collar.

  • Adjust the collar for a comfortable, yet snug fit around your pet’s neck.
  • See how many fingers you can fit between the collar and your pet’s neck. You should be able to get two fingers under the collar.
  • Finally, check to make sure it’s not so loose that it can slip over your dog’s head.

What if you use a harness?

A harness is a great thing for keeping solid control of your dog, and they avoid any strain on your dog’s neck if they are pulling. Even so, this doesn’t mean a collar shouldn’t be used, even indoors. Having an ID tag on your dog’s collar is the first point of identification for when your pet gets lost. Even with great recall, a dog can panic when out of sight and run in the wrong direction to find you. A collar is recommended to be used in conjunction with a harness and the LED Dog Collar

Dog Leads

It’s also important to have a good, strong lead to go with your collar. You can see Chemeyes’ range here

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Large (52-68cm), Medium (38-55cm), Small (34-42cm)


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