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Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?

What dogs eat can often be a bit of a mystery. Other than the foods we actually want them to eat, they seem pretty happy to put anything into their mouths, even leftovers, and then give us a nice sloppy lick – my personal favourite was a dead frog!

Chewing on frogs is probably quite niche but something we’re all more familiar with is grass. Sometimes our dogs seem desperate to get into the garden and chew some cud. With all of the available dog treats, grass does seem a strange one to crave.

There are varying opinions as to why dogs eat grass. It can be concerning that your dog has an upset stomach and is trying to make themselves sick, or they are feeling generally unwell. The grass isn’t a magic dog vomiting treatment though. Various studies have been conducted though, and there isn’t any clear link to anything sinister, apart from dogs having very little concern about what they eat, and it seems as likely that they just like the taste. Especially in the spring and summer months when it’s lush and green. Dogs aren’t the only animals that love healthy grass. Slugs and snails are quite partial to snacking on the green stuff and, in addition to a long slimy trail, can also leave lungworm in their tracks so ensure your dog is up to date with the appropriate vaccinations. The standard flea and tick treatments that you use won’t generally protect against lungworm.

As long as the habit doesn’t become excessive there really isn’t anything to worry about but if it becomes a regular behaviour you may need to take a visit to the vet. One thing to be conscious of is to ensure the grass hasn’t been sprayed with any harmful pesticides. These can be toxic to dogs and cause some serious health problems. 

If your dog is running around in some really long grass, just be aware that grass seeds can get caught in eyes, ears, skin, and paws. The seeds can be surprisingly sharp and cause swelling and infections if they break the skin.

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